Thursday, August 21, 2014

[EVS Project] "About the CV": first video recording


Our first recording is done! And we were so excited to make it :)
Three weeks ago, we decided to interview some friends about this topic: the CV. We wanted to have points of view from 3 different countries: Hungary, Germany and Spain.
Through these videos, our purpose is to show and highlight differences between them, thinking it could be useful to know how it's working "all over Europe".

Monday, August 18, 2014

[EVS Project] NUMB3RS!

We launched the survey about young people almost three months ago and we have collected more than 200 answers. So now, let’s start to process the results!

Monday, August 4, 2014

[EVS Project] We are creating a "Question box"

We are entering in the third part of our project: creating videos.
As an introduction, we would like to make a little video project based on the model of a "question box". In France, we have a famous TV channel where this "game" is played with celebrities: they read a question on a screen, mostly asked by viewers, and they have to answer in a funny way while the camera is recording in front of them.
I already created this kind of video in the past, during an event with teenagers. On one hand it was really fun (especially for them), on the other hand it was helpful to involve people in my project 'cause all participants shared the video on the social networks.
So I was thinking it can be awesome to do the same thing again!