Thursday, August 21, 2014

[EVS Project] "About the CV": first video recording


Our first recording is done! And we were so excited to make it :)
Three weeks ago, we decided to interview some friends about this topic: the CV. We wanted to have points of view from 3 different countries: Hungary, Germany and Spain.
Through these videos, our purpose is to show and highlight differences between them, thinking it could be useful to know how it's working "all over Europe".

This first video meeting was organised at Szimpla Kert, the famous ruin bar of Budapest. We invited them around 2 pm, when the bar is almost empty and quiet.
One hour before the meeting, we had put our staff on the second floor: video camera, tripod, microphone, files, pens... We had brought biscuits as well, just in case.

When we were ready to start, Delphine and I explained to our guests the process. First, the plan was to record the Question box during 15 minutes, as a kind of "preparation". Dörte (who represents Germany) and Krisztina (who represents Hungary) began, followed by Juan Carlos and Patricia (who represent Spain)
Then we could record our interviews, one by one, but we involved just three of them (because we would like to interview Patricia later).

The interviews were efficient, even if it was hard to convince our guests to argue their answers. We explained the reason why it was necessary to repeat each question: we needed complete sentences for editing.
As a conclusion, we learnt a lot from this experience. We are going to think hard about the way we could run the videos...


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