Monday, August 4, 2014

[EVS Project] We are creating a "Question box"

We are entering in the third part of our project: creating videos.
As an introduction, we would like to make a little video project based on the model of a "question box". In France, we have a famous TV channel where this "game" is played with celebrities: they read a question on a screen, mostly asked by viewers, and they have to answer in a funny way while the camera is recording in front of them.
I already created this kind of video in the past, during an event with teenagers. On one hand it was really fun (especially for them), on the other hand it was helpful to involve people in my project 'cause all participants shared the video on the social networks.
So I was thinking it can be awesome to do the same thing again!

I would say it's quite simple to create a "question box" video. The only difficulty is to find participants to answer! Hopefully, we have a lot of friends who are able to do it.

A video for having fun

First we started to look for 10 questions: most of them are quite silly but we did it on purpose (obviously, this video stays focused on youth employment).
Then it was necessary to create a PPT file where people can read the questions loudly. The "rules" are showed on the second slide, like this people aren't lost and they can understand easily the purpose of this "question box".
We expect from them to be themselves in front of the camera and to have fun as much as possible. This kind of video is still relaxing, but we can learn a lot through the participants.

For now, we are waiting for our friends. Some of them are going to finish their EVS experience soon, so it's important for us to meet them before the end of the line!
To be continued...


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