Wednesday, June 25, 2014

[EVS Life] About the video "Tell me about Europe, episode 1".

Parlez-moi d'Europe - Episode 1 by CRIJ-Haute-Normandie

My sending organisation named "CRIJ Haute-Normandie" asked me to create 4 videos about my life in Budapest as an EVS volunteer. During one month, I'm going to make 1 video per week and this serie is called "Parlez-moi d'Europe" ("Tell me about Europe").
This first one is about my arrival in Budapest, my routine, my workplace and my expectations. Sorry, the video is only available in French without subtitles... But if you want to understand it, take a look to this translation:

Tell me about Europe
European Voluntary Service in Budapest, episode 1
Ophélie, 26 years old
From Normandy
As a journalist before
with a strong desire to go abroad
Today as a volunteer since March 2014
For one year

I live in the city center of Budapest, in the district of Blaha Luzja square (number 8).
When I came the 5th of March, I got an on-arrival kit.
I found useful informations inside it about my quarter, a map of the capital and leaflets in English and in French, the contacts of my coordinators, a logbook, my lunch and breakfast tickets to eat at the canteen, a card to do my shopping, a mobile phone, my pocket money and, of course, my keys.
So I'm on a mission for the MediaGo foundation. As I go to the office every day, let me quickly show you the place.
"Jó reggelt" means "Bonjour" but like "Good morning".
"Jó napot kívánok", it's "Bonjour" but in a polite way.
"Szia", it's like "Salut"!

Now, I'm going to lead you to the canteen.
[It takes 5 minutes to get there from the office]

In this canteen, we are neck and neck to eat with Hungarian people. It's quite salty and... spicy! I didn't try everything yet.

My expectations...
Discovering new cultures. Finding inspiration. Meeting new friends all over Europe.

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