Tuesday, July 1, 2014

[EVS Life] Video "Tell me about Europe, episode 2".

Parlez-moi d'Europe - Episode 2 by CRIJ-Haute-Normandie
This is my 2nd video "Tell me about Europe". Here you can find the translation of what I'm saying:

Tell me about Europe
European Voluntary Service in Budapest, episode 2
My project "I'm in the swim"
Each day of the week, I go to the office of MediaSales agency, specialised in web and marketing fields.
This is the place where I'm used to work for the MediaGo Foundation.

MediaGo is a Human Ressources foundation who is in charge of the recruitment for MediaSales.
I'm here to work with another French girl, Delphine.

First, we took information from the Internet about young European people situation regarding employment. Then we decided to do a research.
We started to create a database collecting contacts from young people and companies all over Europe.
And we sent a survey to these people to know their expectations about job-seeking and hiring.

Our main work is going to be creating videos from interviews. Our aim is to give advice about this question: How do you manage your job-seeking in Europe?

Delphine and I work from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm in general. We organise ourselves and we share tasks, and we manage a blog as well.

Our surrounding is quite young and dynamic.
Tamás is our mentor, he is here if we need him.
Zita takes care of our administration stuff and she helps us every day.
Panka is our professional coordinator, she makes sure that our project is working well.
But what is really good with these people, it's we are not just co-workers...

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