Wednesday, July 9, 2014

[EVS Life] Video "Tell me about Europe, episode 3".

Parlez-moi d'Europe - Episode 3 by CRIJ-Haute-Normandie

As I mentioned it here and there, I'm making 4 videos about my EVS life in Budapest since my sending organisation, CRIJ Haute-Normandie, asked me to create them one month ago.
For this one, I had to talk about my social life. So I decided to introduce almost all of my friends in Hungary.
Because this video doesn't have any comment from me, I guess a whole translation is useless.

Enjoy! :)

Tell me about Europe
European Voluntary Service in Budapest, episode 3
The life with my friends

Espagne: Spain
Roumanie: Romania
Hongrie: Hungary
Lettonie: Latvia
Allemagne: Germany

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