Wednesday, July 23, 2014

[EVS Life] Video "Tell me about Europe, episode 4"

Parlez-moi d'Europe - Episode 4 by CRIJ-Haute-Normandie

So this is the last video that I made for my sending organisation, one month after the first one.
Here I am speaking about the capital of Budapest, trying to introduce all the famous places that a tourist can visit (and some of my favourite ones as well!). Hopefully the weather was wonderful to film it, therefore you can enjoy how awesome is this city in summer!
Of course, because I am speaking in French during the whole video, you can read the translation of what I am saying here:

 Tell me about Europe
European Voluntary Service in Budapest, episode 4
A walk in the capital of Hungary
Budapest, in other words called "the Pearl of the Danube"
I'm going to introduce you my favorite places.
Deák Ferenc square is in the heart of the capital, here a lot of events are always going on.
Close to this square, we can find the Erzsébet square, I like to laze here during beautiful days.
On the Buda side, it's impossible to miss the Matthias Church and his splendid colorful roof
 The Fisherman's bastion offers an almost complete view over the Pest side!
The royal castle of Buda is impressive as well, we find there a museum and a library.

Come back to Pest. The Heroes square is huge! The monument shows the story of Hungary.
The City Park is the perfect place to chill and to breathe a bit. The Vajdahunyad castle were built according to a model of a typical Carpathian castle. I really love to walk there when I'm around it.
Budapest is known for its thermal baths. This one, Széchenyi, is mostly patronised by tourists.
The Parliament is an emblematic place of the city. It appears that it's larger than the Great Britain's one.
Gellért is the hill you have to climb if you would like to enjoy a panorama over the capital.
The Great Market Hall, here you can find local products.
If you are thirsty, I recommand you to go to the ruin bars. They are hidden in courtyards of deserted buildings. 
In general, Budapest is plenty of treasures. Tourist or not, we can always be surprised by all the things we discover.
And if you have some free time, I advise you to take a walk on Margaret bridge by night. I am almost sure that you're going to fall in love with the city at first sight...


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