Monday, September 8, 2014

[EVS Project] "About your expectations": our second interview

Last time we recorded our friends from Germany, Hungary and Spain for a video about the CV. Now we are working on the next topic: "What are your job expectations?".
So this time we've decided to involve new faces into the project, that's why we asked Elisa from Romania. We met her during our on-arrival training, she is an EVS volunteer as well and she is specialised in theatre.
She likes acting and even directing a team, then her point of view is very interesting: thanks to her, we've got new ideas of topics!

We also would like to plan a visit to other volunteers in the countryside because we need more stories from young people (maybe 4 or 5 maximum). Probably it would take place in a local associative radio! In this occasion we could share our project on air :)

Stay tuned!


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