Friday, September 26, 2014

[EVS Project] We are back from the HVG jobfair!

Well, the last two days were both excited and exhausted but we did it! Some plans have changed since the last post.

Instead of a writing project we've organized a photo project. Young people had the choice between four questions, they chose one and answered it on a slate. Then, they could find their picture on your Facebook page. So we've created a kind of name card for our project and we gave it to every young people who have participated in our photo project. The aim is to promote both our FB page and the project. Now, we hope we will get some results!

Anyway, during theses two days we had the opportunity to interview several companies. Each of them brought new information and their own experience with young people. We met also three coaches to give some advice in a job seeking situation.

So now, let's start these videos!

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