Monday, September 15, 2014

[EVS Project] We are going to HVG Állásbörze!

Next week, on the 23rd and 24th of September, the biggest jobfair in Hungary named HVG Állásbörze will take place in Budapest.
We had already thought about going there with the MediaGo's staff, but it was hard to know exactly how we could take profit on this event.
Thanks to our coordinator, we have found out two main ideas:

Idea 1: involving young job-seekers in our project, making them putting a "Like" on our FB page.
Idea 2: going straight to the companies (or their HR leader) for interviewing them quickly.

To involve young people into our project, we would like to bring a kind of paperboard next to the stand and asking young people to write down on it some expressions or key words about job-seeking in general - we are going to think about the detail later!

During this process, we would plan to record them or take pictures of them (if they agree), so we could directly post all on our FB page with the Delphine's computer (we would like to connect it on a wifi spot).

Then we could give a professional card (with the mention "Follow us on FB") to all the young participants and, why not, some goodies.

We need a namecard to make us more professional and be more considered by the companies. And we plan to interview them about their recruitment strategy during this jobfair. It would be really exciting!


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